Monday, February 8, 2010

Simple and Effective Social Media Tips for Book Writers and Beyond

Written and Posted by Sara Huizenga, (brilliantly creative) Social Media and Marketing Consultant

1. Add your linkable signature to every profile you have online and every comment you post.

2. Have the first line of every blog post and/or article that you write be - by "your name" - make it linkable and prominent (bold text, larger size font)

3. Establish your target market, why would people need and want to purchase your book, who are these people, what sites might they network on and/or end up finding due to their type of google search text...wherever online that might be...join the forums, networks, blogs (leave comments on) etc. establish yourself as an expert and never leave any text without also including your link and signature prominently within it.

4. Be consistent, use the same signature/hook/look/logo everywhere, make it easy for others to quickly recognize your personal brand.

5. "Give something away" in order to draw them out - what are they googling for - find out and then provide the perfect pitch answer to their question on your blog and/or site - seduce them with your best works, leave them wanting purchase of book.

6. Make it as easy for others as possible to purchase your book/product/service (include all offline and online options) - hire you as a speaker - purchase consulting from you - make this info simple, easy, self-explanatory, dumdum proof and impossible to not see.

7. Start groups, blog posts, etc. titled in your book/product/service name.

8. Ask for it - if you have someone linked/make sure they reciprocate as well, ask them to leave comments, repost your information, think of all fans as your own personal promotion team, make them feel important to be a part of the team that is promoting you.

9. Market to book clubs, offer to personally call them during the meeting about your book in order to give them an opportunity to ask you (the expert) questions. Give this "book club promoting to group" a special name that includes either your name and/or the title of your book.

10. Stop by (all if possible) where your book is sold, no need to call ahead, the purpose in doing so is more so to personally signature each book they have - which as a result will increase sales, leave promotional material with them, a head shot, etc. which they are able to easily display to highlight the author's visit and personally signed books.

11. Work with local libraries, set up a time to present a workshop centered around your book as well as your own personal branding mission statement. Provide oodles of books their to purchase as well as "take-alongs" for them to share with other potential buyers of your book.

12. Think of "bulk sales" opportunities and venues, call them up, ask the organization, library, etc. (after you've told them about book) how many they would like - share with them the great features of your works regarding their company, policies, etc.

13. Become accredited and endorsed by government agencies.


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