Friday, February 5, 2010

To Google You, Search For "Me"

Written and Posted by Sara Huizenga, (brilliantly creative) Social Media and Marketing Consultant

And yes, I do mean that literally.

We've all googled ourselves, it's okay to admit.  More than okay, consider it vital towards keeping a good pulse of your self-branding.  Or you could remain ignorant, however if you choose this route ... forget about attaching the blissfully adjective and switch it with a kinda dumb.

Sorry to sound sassy, I apologize as well for not more quickly getting to the point ... it's just that what I have to share is so exciting that I am just stumbling all over myself trying to share it with you in a manner of which the nature of this tip deserves.

And so okay ... let's start here, googling of ourselves and others - expected, relevant, influential, basically just an incredibly common day practice and word.

When you google yourself, what do you find?

Do you like everything in the search results of you?

Ever wish something else was highlighted more so, many things not at all so, feeling like a real dolt because nothing comes up at all, feeling victimized by someone with your name who paints a really ugly picture of it online, are you often waking up in the middle of the night finding yourself hoping and wishing that YOU not Google could be the one choosing what comes up when You are googled!!!

Yea ... wouldn't that be great, though?  To be able to edit, or at least significantly influence, just what someone sees and doesn't see when they google your name ...

Well, now you can ... no, seriously ... you have absolute and complete control now.

Here's how to start, read the title of this piece again and then go act on it.

(Psst - reminder ... To google yourself, search for "me")

The first thing that will come up in your google search results is YOU ... via a thing called "Your Google Profile" - that's the spot.

Go there now!  Add something good to it, take off something bad ... we'll talk more later about the details, this most excellent tip is enough in and of itself for one post.

And ... you are ever so welcome for sharing ... it truly is my passion to do so ...  ;)

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