Friday, October 29, 2010

Are You Too Popular ... On Facebook?

Me and My Facebook Friends ... Too Many or Not Enough?
No Really ... Add Me ... ;-)
Sara and I (Amy) have differing views on the number of Facebook friends we want to have.

 Currently, Sara is at 3,000 plus while I remain at a modest 140. I was happy to stumble across the information that suggests the "magic number" for friends that can be maintained is 150ish. Robin Dunbar is a British Anthropologist who first proposed this number that lies somewhere between 100 and 230 and it has been popularly accepted as 150.

I also enjoyed this BBC news article that seeks to answer what is the ideal number of friends you should have - both REAL friends and social media friends.

I think both of us are correct in our views of friends. Sara has friended every one as a way to promote her brand and make connections for her business life. I have friended very few because I want to keep my business life separate from personal friends.
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