Friday, October 29, 2010

Your Train to a Successful Future is Leaving - Are You on Board?

To Live Like a King - Don't Mess Up Royally

Here's something you already know ... You needn't be a "brain scientist" to figure out how to communicate on Facebook.

I mean really, both my childhood friend's 90 year old Grandma as well as my own 9 year old daughter can engage on the old FB with the best of them ... and in fact, hardly any training at all was necessary to get them to their current, online-savvy selves.

Thus it would just make good common sense to in-house your business or organization's Facebook marketing ... right?

Please Stay Off The Track Before Someone Gets Seriously Hurt!

After all, as I think we've already established here ... it certainly seems like anyone with even somewhat of a pulse can fairly quickly figure out how to engage upon Facebook.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if you yourself have many, perhaps even multiple, years of Facebook experience and oodles of "facebook friends" who find your sharing to be incredibly compelling upon a myriad of emotions.

Why then would anyone with a brain bigger than a pea actually give money to someone else to do something that one not only knows how to do but also enjoys doing?

May sound crazy, but to be perfectly honest ... we at Socialsprouts agree!

If you have the time available to both perform the tasks need as well as keep on top of the lightning fast changes within the social media field ... go for it ... we'll even keep posting some brilliant tips for you here on how to best do so.

But if there's a chance that by doing so - that not only could you risk doing your livelihood more harm than good ... but that you could also be jeopardizing your source of main income and/or fulfillment and doing permanent, untreatable, terminal damage ... it might be wise to give your diy plans a second thought.

When it comes to as greatly impacting a decision as this one is ... make sure you do homework, look at things realistically and in the end choose very wisely ...

This social media train going to your successful future is about to leave the station ... and this is a ride that you literally cannot afford to miss ... our contact info is below ... ;-)

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