Monday, January 3, 2011

Are You Boycotting ... Facebook?!!

We know what you're thinking ... ANOTHER article about Facebook ... ?

But, hey wait!  No, really ... this is good, rather this is ESSENTIAL stuff here ...

For there's an extremely good reason as to why you really NEED to read on.  (*to put it more bluntly, if you want to increase your success ... the time has come where you really no longer have a choice but to do so.) 
This is probably not your best money making idea

If your reasons for not using Facebook include "not wanting to bow down to the peer pressure of the medium" ... applaud your independent spirit, BUT for your own sake - let your common sense trump that notion right now.

Think of it as today's form of yesterday's mailbox or phone ... how far would your business have ever gone if you had refused to "join the crowd" in utilizing these social community resources?

Tempting as it may be at times, undoubtedly your need to make an income would call up your common sense to squelch the communications free rebellious notion.

Facebook is your phone ... Facebook is your mailbox ... You don't have to like it, but you do need to utilize it in order to communicate with those you are trying to reach.

To make it even simpler ... it's just Good Common Sense ... and who can, or at least ever should, argue with that?

Socialsprouts to your Facebook Rescue
But what may very well be the real reason behind your independent notion of self-boycotting Facebook is, let's face it ... fear.

Hey, don't be embarrassed ... be thankful that your common sense recognizes the need for expertise in order to achieve maximum success.

That's where we come in to play ... we're Socialsprouts ... and we can do that! :)

Think of us as ... your Facebook Super Heroes ... ;)

Too much? :/

Okay, how about your key building blocks towards a successful venture despite of and amidst these difficult economical times.

(By the way, Facebook is by far not our only areas of social media expertise, but ... baby steps ... let's take this all in one bite at a time ... or more, if you're really hungry for success ... up to you ... ;)

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