Monday, February 21, 2011

Three Secret Tricks to Find Out Who's Checking You Out Most On Facebook

Alright Facebook "sleuthers" have we got a tip, trick, super stellar Facebook Investigation Tool ... for YOU!  ;)

Because, just admit it, who hasn't at some point been at least a tiny bit tempted to actually click on the Facebook posts claiming that they have the ability to reveal who on Facebook searches for you the most, is "stalking" you, is most interested in your profile and/or spends the most amount of time on your page, right?  

(Truth be told, even  Socialsprouts  has had a casual thought regarding ... once.)
Problem being that actually being able to figure this out has been yet up to this point nearly completely futile to attempt to do so.  

For as all of you who have clicked the Facebook fake reveal links mentioned above can personally attest to ... all you're really getting is a spam punch back on your wall from these non all-knowers in return.

But enough chitter chatter ... here it is ... three sweet tips that actually work (at least at time of post) ... these are the reveal tricks that can soon provide you with that universally sought answer to the most relentlessly pursued question of all ... 

Who's most checking you out on Facebook???

Facebook Reveal Trick #1:  The first method is to refresh your profile page and see which friends appear again and again on your profile.  Typically, these are the people who look at your profile the most over a given time period.

Facebook Reveal Trick #2: The second method is to invite every one of your friends to an event.  When you look at the three categories of people: 1) people who have accepted your invitation 2) people who are still waiting to reply, 3) people who have rejected your invitation, you can see the top 5 people who appear are the top 5 people in each category who look at your profile or pictures.

Facebook Reveal Trick #3:  The third method is to type in the first letter of each character in the alphabet on the search bar.  You will see that the first name which appears is either likely the last person you looked at, or if that is not the case, it was the last person who looked at you. 

Test the Tricks trick: send a message to, poke, post on the wall of (best bet - do all three) of someone you see is currently active on facebook ... afterwhich check your facebook reveal tricks to see if they are showing up ... ;)

As of today, I believe you will find that Socialsprouts has proved you with revelation masterpieces!  

However, truth be told we also really have no idea just how long these jewels will be able to retain their all knowing current magical truth ... because, let's face it - it's Facebook ... they change things all the time, at times without any rhyme or reason whatsoever.  

You never know, so don't delay ... and you're welcome ... ;)

P.S. Tip (which is actually more of a "fun" fact than a trick):  It's also been said that if you look at facebook's friend suggestions, more often than not those are people who you don't know who recently looked at your profile. 

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