Monday, May 16, 2011

Wandering Through Social Media Wearing Sticky Pants

I (Amy) stumbled across this story on NPR today. It caught my attention because of the great title, "Strange Things Happen to Guys Who Wear Pants".  Seriously, how can I see that title on my Facebook News Feed and not click through?

When Sara and I were brainstorming names for Socialsprouts, we came up with some doozies that do not bear repeating here. After hundreds of names were tossed back and forth electronically, we embraced Socialsprouts because it incorporates our specialty, Social Media, and it captures our view of effective marketing strategy in the term Sprout. 

We want to help organizations sprout and grow by getting their word out.

Where am I going with this pants thing? The NPR story discusses the 1930's study of British botanist Edward Salisbury who went for a walk in the country wearing trousers and then counted how many hitch-hiking seeds had attached themselves to his pants. 

The numbers were surprisingly large and led him to write "man is probably the most active agent - though usually an unconscious one - for external transport of seeds". 

Here is my analogy: word about your organization is going to get out in some way so why don't you control that information and wear sticky pants.

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