Monday, December 5, 2011

Post remarkable content!

My goal is to post REMARK-able material on Facebook.

This week, I (Amy) attended a showing of a TED talk at our local library.  It featured Seth Godin's 2007 talk about how to get noticed in a world of too many options and lots of "stuff".

Great reminders regarding getting consumers attention and the fact that boring does not get you noticed, you need to be bad or bizarre.  You need to be remarkable, with the definition that you have done something worthy of someone (anyone) making a remark about it.

Mr. Godin also suggests ignoring a big group of people who are really good at ignoring you.  Instead, focus on the people who are listening (i.e. those who may be interested in what you are selling) and MAYBE they will tell their friends.

Watching this is worth your time if you want to be inspired to post something remarkable.

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