Monday, November 5, 2012

Social Media Proves It's Value During Sandy

First of all, Socialsprouts would like to extend our sympathy to all those on the East Coast who have lost property and loved ones to Hurricane Sandy.  Our prayers are with you as you recover and rebuild.
While watching news coverage of the storm, I was amazed at the number of stories that proved the value of social media as a communication tool.    

A few examples:
  • Governors of states, the Red Cross, and utility companies utilized Facebook and Twitter to relay important safety information. 
  • Families used it to connect and assure loved ones that they were okay. 
  • Neighbors who had access to their homes took photos and shared with neighbors to show the extent of damage to neighboring properties, allowing property owners to mentally prepare for the damage. 
  • Pet owners posted images of lost pets and the Facebook Page "Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets" was set up to connect pets to owners (now at more than 21,000 fans).
I vacationed with a few friends this weekend, half of whom do not use Facebook (this includes my husband, arghhh).  I understand that some users utilize Facebook as a diary (i.e. "look at me, I'm raking leaves") and that clouds the perception of social media for some non-users.  However, social media has grown way beyond this chit-chat diary to a true communication powerhouse, as shown by its use during this latest natural disaster.
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