Socialsprouts Media Marketing - Creatively strategic, social media marketing is a compelling and cost-effective way to engage with your current and future clients. A social media marketing campaign can contain a mix of blog commenting, social networking, and much more. 

Services we offer:  Web design, email campaigns, Blogs, and social media setup and maintenance.  Our most popular package is the Facebook package below.  It is very affordable at $400 for setup and the first month of posts, and $150 per month after that.

Facebook package:

Socialsprouts offers you the ability to creatively engage with your targeted current and potential customers through the use of Social Media.

·        Socialsprouts will post 4-6 high quality items per week.  High quality posts and engage your customers in conversation.  High quality posts do not simply promote your products in a cheesy, self-promotional manner, they encourage discussions around your products and industry.
·        Socialsprouts will provide prompt and appropriate attention to all customer conversations.
·        Socialsprouts will build your Facebook fan base through invitations, incentives, and quality conversations that compel recommendations to friends. 
·        Brand tone integration. With your help, Socialsprouts will find the tone that suits your business best and use it throughout our communications.
·        Posts will utilize the correct words, in the correct order, to boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization – the stuff that helps people find you easier when you are Googled).
·        Posts will often include links to your Twitter account, website or blog, if applicable.
·        Interview - Socialsprouts will interview you and visit your place of business to understand your unique selling features.
·        Research – Socialsprouts will research your industry and competitors to better understand the marketplace and your position in it.
·        Layout - Socialsprouts will make your social media pages look creative and dynamic.  This includes loading logos, photos (we can take some if you don’t have any – free!), events, information pages, menus, services, and any other relevant details about your business.
·        Branding tone - Socialsprouts will use the tone that will best represent you and make you sound like a friendly human.

(Please Contact Us @Socialsprouts for Package Pricing, Additional Services, Any Questions and Further Details)